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3m                D - Vetrap Bandaging Tape Display
In Stock
Model: IDXBC1xGya
Vetrap Bandaging Tape Display4 in x 5 yd eachElastic bandage that sticks only to itself and conforms snugly to the contours of hard-to-bandage areasMade of lightweight and porous material it allows skin to breathe and won't absorb moistureThis flexible bandage can be used to apply pressure and suppo..
$97.87 Ex Tax:$97.87
Absorbent Products Inc. - Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth With Calcium Bentonite
In Stock
Model: IDXBCXmsz5
Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth With Calcium BentoniteRed Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Bentonite-fines granulation.FDA Registration for feed inclusion not to excced 2% of total ration.Anti-caking drying agent-feed bins holding containers silos etc.Considered a flow agentOMRI Listed..
$46.82 Ex Tax:$46.82
Andover Healthcare Inc - Coflex-vet Cohesive Bandage (Case of 18 )
Out Of Stock
Model: IDXBClcGsV
Coflex-vet Cohesive BandageEconomical self-adhering bandageProvides protection and superior adhesionControlled compression that will not constrictComfortable and lightweightSweat and water-resistant..
$61.79 Ex Tax:$61.79
Bonide Grass Seed - Full Sun Grass Seed
New In Stock
Full Sun Grass SeedImproved varieties thrive in full sunFine texture plus heat resistanceFast spreading to fill thin spots quickly..
$66.48 Ex Tax:$66.48
Bonide Products Inc     P - Annual Tree & Shrub Drench Concentrate
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCaL3gB
Annual Tree & Shrub Drench ConcentrateSystemic control of boring & sucking insects: emerald ash borer asian long horned beetle leaf miners whitefly scale1 oz. per inch of tree circumference at chest height mixed in 2 gallons of water and applied at flare of treeOne application kills insects and prev..
$39.74 Ex Tax:$39.74
Bonide Products Inc     P - Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Concentrate
New In Stock
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew ConcentrateContains the all-natural insecticide spinosadProvides excellent control of bagworms leaf miners beetles caterpillars and colorado potato beetleAlso kills tent caterpillars thripsUse on fruits vegetables berries citrus grapes nuts and ornamentalsMade in the made..
$55.90 Ex Tax:$55.90
Bonide Products Inc     P - Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate
New In Stock
Fruit Tree Spray ConcentrateControls both insects and diseases on fruit trees flowers evergreens and strawberriesEasy to use; mixes with water instantly no pre-mixingApply using a hose-end sprayer or tank sprayerMade in the usa..
$71.57 Ex Tax:$71.57
Bonide Products Inc     P - Fung-onil Multi-purpose Fungicide Concentrate
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCZxC44
Fung-onil Multi-purpose Fungicide ConcentrateControls many diseases on roses shrubs flowers vegetables fruit and shade treesControl diseases such as leaf spots rust blights fruit rots mildew scab fungus and other diseasesUse as little as 1-1/2 teaspoons per gallon. Mixes readily with waterBest appli..
$59.97 Ex Tax:$59.97
Bonide Products Inc     P - Mancozeb Flowable With Zinc Fungicide Concentrate
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCe45Dj
Mancozeb Flowable With Zinc Fungicide ConcentrateA broad spectrum fungicide for use on a wide variety of vegetables and ornamentalsControls leaf spot downy mildew blights anthracnose botrytis and other listed diseasesUse the higher mixing rates when disease conditions are severeThe addition of borid..
$44.70 Ex Tax:$44.70
Bonide Products Inc     P - Weed Beater Ultra Concentrate
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCOvh87
Weed Beater Ultra ConcentrateThe ultimate systemic broadleaf weed killer in lawns is very effective on over 200 hard to kill weedsIt kills right to the roots with visible results in just 24 hoursIt becomes rain fast once dryPerforms in both warm and cool weather down to 45 degreesCan re-seed treated..
$74.90 Ex Tax:$74.90
Boss Manufacturing      P - Ladies Angel Extended Sleeve Syn Leather Glove
In Stock
Model: IDXBCDzf4D
Ladies Angel Extended Sleeve Syn Leather GloveWing thumbPadded synthetic leather palmFingertip grips on middle index and thumbStretchable back for comfort & fitLong cuff protects forearms..
$37.97 Ex Tax:$37.97
Boss Manufacturing      P - V2 Flexi-grip High-vis Poly Knit Latex Palm Glove (Case of 12 )
Out Of Stock
Model: IDXBCjS2xt
V2 Flexi-grip High-vis Poly Knit Latex Palm GloveKeeps hands cooler with breathable back and provides a better grip..
$76.88 Ex Tax:$76.88
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