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Bovidr Laboratories - Nutri-drench Goat&sheep Solution
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCWnJxz
Nutri-drench Goat&sheep SolutionProvides an energy burst for weak newborn kids and lambsRapidly absorbs from the stomach directly to the bloodstream stimulating appetiteCorrects diarrhea and relieves shipping stressQuick energy for show..
$68.62 Ex Tax:$68.62
Model: IDXBC011054
NURSERY BEET HOE FIBERGLASS HANDLEFiberglass handle100% made in the usaUPC : 735390923461Length : 56Width : 6Height : 3.05Shipping Dimensions: 56x6x3.05Product Type : Tools-hoes / Garden..
$48.91 Ex Tax:$48.91
Canine Hardware Inc - Chuckit! Flash Led Ball
In Stock
Chuckit! Flash Led BallLights up to extend play time..
$35.87 Ex Tax:$35.87
Chemtech Prozap D - Pyganic Livestock & Poultry Insecticide
New In Stock
Pyganic Livestock & Poultry InsecticideContains pyrethrum a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemumsProvides rapid knockdown and kill of animal pestsKills key livestock pestsControls more than 100 insects including horn flies face flies sheep ticks stable flies horse flies deer flies and mo..
$115.06 Ex Tax:$115.06
Classic Brands Llc - Wb - Stokes Jumbo Tube Seed Feeder (Case of 4 )
New Out Of Stock
Model: IDXBCsfogK
Stokes Jumbo Tube Seed Feeder6 feeding ports for many birds to feed at once.Easy to clean and fillAttract all varieties of songbirdsNew open tube design..
$103.84 Ex Tax:$103.84
Classic Brands Llc - Wb - Stokes Metal Tube Feeder
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCEJ8cn
Stokes Metal Tube FeederWill hold black oil sunflower and a number of different seed types.Attracts cardinals chickadees titmice nuthatches finches woodpeckers grosbeak and more!Durable metal construction..
$42.88 Ex Tax:$42.88
Control Solutions Inc - Martin's Eraser Weed And Grass Killer Concentrate
New Online Only In Stock
Model: IDXBCC3Eke
Martin's Eraser Weed And Grass Killer ConcentrateConcentrated for extra value.Low odor water-based formulation.Rainproof in hours.Kills unwanted vegetation-existing weeds only...
$156.83 Ex Tax:$156.83
Control Solutions Inc - Permethrin 10% Multi-purpose Insecticide
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCBlXxl
Permethrin 10% Multi-purpose InsecticideA long lasting livestock and premise spray that provides knockdown broad spectrum insecticidal effectiveness and excellent rKills flies face flies horn flies stable flies horse flies lice fleas ticks mites ants and mosquitoes.Use sites: indoor outdoor lawn hor..
$40.54 Ex Tax:$40.54
Model: IDXMOX802100
The Ultra Min-e 2090 No-Bark Trainer is a safe and effective tool to help eliminate any excessiveor unnecessary barking from your dog. This automatic trainer has 8 levels of intensity for sensitiveto stubborn dogs. The collar unit is waterproof.Features: Digital Technology Lightweight waterproof col..
$59.73 Ex Tax:$59.73
Dave&matts Chicken Stuff - Wild Bird Magnet With Living Sight Attractant
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCQc5fV
Wild Bird Magnet With Living Sight Attractant100% natural attractant and feed for many of the most sought after wild birds.Irresistable to cardinals finches blue birds and many other omnivorous and carnivorous birds..
$38.30 Ex Tax:$38.30
Dbc Agricultural Prdts - Backyard Chicken Healthyflock Tabs
New In Stock
Backyard Chicken Healthyflock TabsContains a source of live (viable) natural occurring micro-organisms.All natural and designed to help maintain gastrointestinal health in birds of all ages...
$47.58 Ex Tax:$47.58
Dewitt Company          P - Bird And Pond Netting
In Stock
Bird And Pond NettingProtects fish and water life from predatorsKeeps leaves and harmful debris out of pondMade of durable uv-treated polypropyleneAllows sunlight moisture & ventilation..
$54.29 Ex Tax:$54.29
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