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Hydrofarm Products - Heat Mat Thermostat
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCa76LJ
Heat Mat ThermostatControllable range from 68 to 108 degrees fahrenheitProvides constant optimum temperatures for specific cropsProvides constant optimum temperatures for specific cropsControls temperature in colder or warmer environmentsCompatible with all heat mats..
$72.29 Ex Tax:$72.29
Jobes Company - Multi-use Netting
In Stock
Model: IDXBCZqyWo
Multi-use NettingLightweight and flexible easier to handle than wire mesh no maintenance required can be cut with scissorsApplications include window screening and vent covers gutter guards temporary fencing composting binCan be used for insulation support trellis for climbing plants deer and bird p..
$61.94 Ex Tax:$61.94
Jobes Company - Ross Tree Netting
In Stock
Model: IDXBCwoqlU
Ross Tree NettingProtect fruit from pesky birds and other animalsExtremely flexible making it ideal for draping over trees shrubs and other plantsLightweight and easy to handle can be cut with scissorsUv-protected plastic mesh is durable enough to reuse season after seasonSafe alternative to chemica..
$65.86 Ex Tax:$65.86
Kentucky Performance Prod - Elevate Se Vit E & Selenium Powder For Horses
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCsUp8N
Elevate Se Vit E & Selenium Powder For HorsesSupplemental source of all natural vitamin e and organic selenium for all classes of horsesHighly bioavailable and safe sourceMade in the usa..
$107.90 Ex Tax:$107.90
Manna Pro-feed And Treats - Omega Egg Maker Supplement For Laying Hens
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCMrNyq
Omega Egg Maker Supplement For Laying HensContains natural ingredients for rich-colored egg yolksIncludes direct-fed microbials to help support digestionComprehensive vitamin and mineral fortificationMade in the usa..
$43.76 Ex Tax:$43.76
Monterey               P - Monterey Liqui-cop Concentrate
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCwIk49
Monterey Liqui-cop ConcentrateLiquid Copper Fungicide Spray For Disease Prevention On Fruit Trees Nut Crops Citrus Vegetables and OrnamentalsVery Economical Replacement For Bordeaux Mixture With An Expanded LabelExtremely Weather Proof and Does Not Require Oil Or A StickerReplacement For Lime Sulfur..
$46.30 Ex Tax:$46.30
Monterey               P - Monterey Mosquito Control Concentrate
New In Stock
Model: IDXBCPibzG
Monterey Mosquito Control ConcentrateKills mosquitoes that may transmit west nile virus deer ticks and other listed pestsFor use on lawns trees shrubs roses ornamentals around house foundations4 month control of roaches ants listed insects indoorsOutdoor pest control lasts for up to 6 weeks..
$52.45 Ex Tax:$52.45
Monterey               P - Monterey Spurge Power Concentrate
New In Stock
Monterey Spurge Power ConcentrateControls broadleaf weeds in lawn areas.Use on warm and cool season lawns to control hard to kill weeds.Controls spurge oxalis clover wild violet creeping charlie and moany other broadleaf weeds.1 pint covers 16000 sq. ft.Made in the usa..
$52.45 Ex Tax:$52.45
Monterey               P - Turflon Ester Concentrate
New In Stock
Turflon Ester ConcentrateFor control of bermuda grass kikuyugrass and broadleaf weeds in cool season lawns..
$57.94 Ex Tax:$57.94
Natures Way Bird Prdts - Nature's Way Deluxe Wide Easy Clean Feeder
New In Stock
Nature's Way Deluxe Wide Easy Clean FeederNo tools required to easily remove all parts for easy hassle free cleaning-dishwasher safeKeep seed at all ports for more birds attracted to feederCan choose between sunflower or thistle seed with 1 feeder. 2-in-1 insertRust free metal parts that wont be dam..
$47.06 Ex Tax:$47.06
Outward Hound Standley Sport Life Jacket Green SM
In Stock
Model: IDXMOX111338
Make a splash with Outward Hound dog life jackets! Inspired by Colorados Lake Standley, this life jacket is ideal for experienced swimmers, but is fun for all.Bright fun colors make this jacket and your pup highly visible while they spalsh in the water. Designed for a wide range of motion and top pe..
$83.18 Ex Tax:$83.18
Paws/alcott - Alcott Retractable Leash Up To 65 Pounds
New In Stock
Alcott Retractable Leash Up To 65 PoundsFor dogs up to 65lbExtra long and soft grip handleWide reflective belt..
$45.90 Ex Tax:$45.90
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